Carly Komaromi, LMFT


Education & credentials

  • M.A. Marriage & Family Therapy, St. Mary’s University
  • B.A. Psychology, Oakland University
  • Fully Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, State of Michigan
  • Member of the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy (AAMFT)
  • Bilingual in Spanish & English


I believe that the change that happens in therapy is rooted primarily in the strong relationship built between therapist and client. I seek to create an environment where therapist and clients work collaboratively to meet the therapeutic goals. Between the therapist’s clinical experience and empathetic nature, client’s motivation for change, and a strong relationship built between the two, I believe the possibility of change can become a reality in the lives of clients.

Personal Statement

As a therapist, I am committed to helping clients to feel empowered to overcome the obstacles in their lives that prevent them from realizing their full potential. I seek to bring compassion as well as diverse clinical experience to the therapy room to help clients reach their goals and to find flourishment in their lives.

About me

What do you love doing more than anything in the world?
Sitting outside on the porch with a good book and a cup of tea. I love the peacefulness of nature, feeling the sun, listening to the sounds, and feeling the freedom of just be-ing!

What is the self-care strategy you use most often?
As odd as it might sound, cleaning up my house helps with my self-care routine. It helps me to get out of my mind for some time and I get to enjoy the results!

What was your dream job when you were in elementary school?
In elementary school, I did a school project in on Maria Montessori, an Italian woman with a gift for working with children who created the famous Montessori method of teaching. I was inspired by her story and love for kids and dreamed about being a teacher. Although I did not become a teacher, I love working with parents and still incorporate her work into my therapy practice!

What is your favorite movie of all time?
My all-time favorite movie has been (and probably will always be) the Lion King. I love the nostalgia I feel watching it, and continue to grow to appreciate the meaningful messages, as well as the humor

Describe your ideal vacation? Has it happened yet?
When I travel, I love to be able to do a diverse number of things: going on hikes to see the scenery, enjoy a wonderful meal, tour a new city, and just relax on the beach. I would love to experience New Zealand!

What is the most delicious meal you can imagine?
Sushi has always been my favorite food, so I would say a yummy salmon avocado roll, seaweed salad, and a green tea!

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Schedule & Appointments

If you're interested in scheduling a new client appointment with Carly Komaromi, call 810-494-7180

If you are an existing client of Carly Komaromi's and need to reach her directly, call her 248-491-8607