Diana Spring, LLP

Education & credentials

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Central Michigan University

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Michigan State University


The seeds of change are already inside of us. Because we are social beings, these seeds emerge and grow within relationship. Therapy can be a brief catalyst toward a new beginning or a safe haven through which to reflect and transform thoroughly in a private and respectful space. Co-creating a relationship with acceptance and understanding allows the creative self to play with new possibilities toward relating to others and the world. Therapy, at its best, is collaborative and creative.

Personal Statement

We function at our best when we feel understood and accepted.  My intention is to support you to gain wisdom and understanding of yourself or your child by combining your inner strengths with relevant tools toward the outcome you desire. Our paths are unique to each of us, and a tailored approach to expedite your stated goals is what I offer.  Whether you are seeking a brief intervention or a longer term collaboration, finding the balance and the confidence to change behaviors and heal emotionally is within your grasp.

About me

I love spending time with my family and friends enjoying music, food and laughter. I enjoy creative projects and martial arts. My most common self care strategies include exercise, being in nature, even if it is just sitting under the giant maple in my yard, meditation, massage and music. When I was young I dreamt of being a zoologist, more specifically a primatologist. I love animals and have learned much from the cats and dogs (mostly rescues) I have had as companions throughout my life. I don’t have a favorite movie but enjoy epic adventures like the Lord of the Rings, the Harry Potter series as well as small movies that are studies of personalities like A Man Called Ove, Rugged Gold,  The Big Sick, The Music Never Stopped. My ideal vacations are ones in which I can immerse myself in a local culture like a 3 week trip to France I enjoyed in the past, or to be outdoors hiking, canoeing or on a float trip, cross country skiing, etc. with family and friends. I enjoyed the way the French dine by socializing for at least 2 hours and having different courses that are savored during conversations and laughter.

Schedule & Appointments

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